For those of us who spend our days commuting to and from work, our cars can become like a second home. Driving can at times however, be quite taxing. Now that we live in the digital age, there is a handy gadget available to make nearly every part of our lives that little bit easier. The same goes for improving our overall driving experiences and we’ve put together a list of the best motoring gadgets that we feel every driver should have.


Tile Mate: 

Are you the type of person who can barely hold onto a pen? Well this habit of losing things can be a little bit more serious when you’re late for work because your car keys have gone walkabouts. You can now get a range of clever key finding accessories for reasonable prices. We wrote about “Tile” in our Christmas gadget gift guide before and it really is worth the investment. The tile is placed on your key chain and syncs to an app on your phone meaning if you don’t have your keys to hand, they’re always only a click away.




Now that you’ve managed to locate those keys and jump into your car first thing in the morning, many people will need that coffee to accompany them on the journey. Making yourself a decent coffee before you leave isn’t always possible and many of us end up spilling the end of that badly made coffee across the console. This doesn’t have to be the case however as you can get that hot of caffeine with the brilliantly named “Handpresso”. This machine makes you your fresh hot espresso using Nespresso pods as you drive. Costing around €200 however, this one is really only for the coffee snobs among us. For those parents out there with really young children, there are similar products on the market that will warm up a baby bottle while you’re on the move. Products like the “Munchkin Travel Bottle Warmer” wont cost you a huge amount and could be the difference between a stress free road trip and one full of tears.



USB Charger Port: 

Keeping your important gadgets (phone, laptops etc) charged while you’re on the go is absolutely necessity nowadays! Although a lot of modern cars will come with USB charging capabilities, a USB adapter for your 12V socket is a smart investment. With so many of these available on the market, you can choose to buy 2 port or 4 port models with prices ranging anywhere from €5 to €25+. Some models also support laptop chargers and these are on the higher end when it comes to pricing.


Image of a USB charging cord. USB adapters for cars are fast becoming the best motoring gadgets on the market


In Car 4G Hot Spot Devices: 

Although many of us have data plans on our phones that can offer a hotspot feature, this may not be suitable for multiple devices at the same time. In the future our cars will no doubt have WiFi as standard eliminating this worry. For now however, the best way that we can do this is by purchasing a dongle from a network carrier. This can then be charged by a USB charger in your car to keep it going no matter how long the journey. Although this will allow you to stay connected on the go, you will in most cases need to pay a monthly subscription to keep it active. If you find yourself racking up the road mileage on a daily basis however, it might just be worth the expense.


Tom Tom Curfer Driving Monitor: 

We really like the sound of this product from Tom Tom. The company were one of the big players in the Sat Nav game back when it was a booming industry. With the recent advancements in smartphone GPS, the company has had to diversify into different motoring gadgets. The “Tom Tom Curfer” is a monitor that you can install under the centre console of your car. This then syncs to the Curfer app on your phone and is able to track your cornering, acceleration, breaking and other information related to your journeys. The app then reports to you on these stats and awards you with badges for better driving. It gets better too as the app will guide you back to your car when you cant remember exactly where you parked it.


Image of a cars speedometre and steering wheel. Driving tracker devices are quickly becoming some of the best motoring gadgets for young drivers


Safe driving anti sleep alarm: 

Studies conducted by the RSA have shown that driving while over tired can be just as dangerous as driving while under the influence of alcohol. Although drivers should always refrain from driving if they feel over tired, there are devices you can wear that will monitor your alertness as you drive daily. These will then either send an alarm or vibration to let the user know that they may need to stop driving and have a rest. Some of these products can be worn around the drivers ear or on their fingers like the example below from StopSleep UK. We have a feeling that these type of devices may become more prevalent over the coming years.



Ipad or Tablet:

Those Portable DVD players that used to be strapped to the back of car head rests almost feel like their from a different century to a lot of us today. Nowadays with the proliferation of tablets and other smart devices, toddlers and young children are already familiar with all manner of portable entertainment devices. These are perfect for any car journey so if you don’t already have one, they’ll be needed next time you plan a longer trip. This is where those USB chargers and WiFi hot spots will really shine too.


Image of a child using an iPad or tablet device. These devices are now considered as the best motoring gadgets for entertaining during road trips.


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